Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I went shopping with my mom on Saturday--looking for dresses for the cruise we're taking together in April. What a depressing experience! I couldn't even get a size 12 to meet in the back. I stopped right there. I don't know what my true size would be at the moment, and I'm not going to find out. I decided then and there that it was time to reassess the whole dieting thing because it's time to turn this around.

Ever since my celiac's cleared up and I've been able to resume eating gluten, I've had absolutely no willpower when it comes to food. I can't get enough carbs and am constantly hungry. The only way to feel full is to eat high(er) amounts of protein. With Weight Watchers, technically you can eat whatever you want, but the things I want to eat (eggs, meat, full fat cheeses) are high in points and the portions are tiny. And I'm hungry all the time and not losing any weight either. Plus, the WW meeting times correspond with my favorite classes at the gym, and it seems counterproductive to me to sit in meeting when I can be working out instead.

I know the low carb bandwagon has moved way on down the road, but I loved the low carb diet when I did it several years ago. I dropped the weight off, ate a healthy sensible diet (once I got to the maintenence phase), and could go longer than 30 seconds without a snack. So I'm trying that plan again. I cancelled my Weight Watchers membership last night and had myself a nice 2 egg omelet with cheddar cheese, sausage, and pico de gallo plus hazelnut flavored coffee with splenda and sugar free hazelnut creamer this morning. It's been an hour and I feel sustained. For lunch I'm going to have a grilled chicken salad, with avocado, shredded broccoli, more pico de gallo, cheese, and blue cheese dressing. Yes, I'm going to miss bread. But it's a small price to pay for getting my body back.

...Now if everything else could just fall into place.

I had such high hopes for February. My mom was coming to visit and I would have gobs of spare time and would be able to get all the stuff on my to-do list accomplished, and write a couple of chapters of my new novel, and all the while a chorus of birds and small contingent of mice would be busy sewing me a beautiful gown to wear to the ball...

*sigh* I did manage to get everything (I remembered to take) to the spring consignment sales. I found and bought all the things I needed for the boys. I reorganized a section of my closet. I wrote 1 page of my novel. I drove mom to Atlanta to visit a dying friend, took Sam to see the pandas at the Atlanta Zoo (finally!). Got lost meeting mom at the hospital and turned a 30 minute trip into a 3.5 hour trip. Came home, and headed straight to Asheville for the weekend. And yesterday I had a doctor's appontment, mom decided to leave early, and since I was visiting with her on her last day in town, didn't do much of anything. Then this morning I woke up at 4:30 to take her to the airport, and I don't feel like doing anything but going back to bed.

But since I can't nap, I might as well clean.


  1. give yourself a break, brittany. rest now since you just had a runaround weekend of visiting galore, and eat what you want. those high fats, etc are good for while you're nursing. it can be done in a healthy way, but your body does need all that extra stuff diets tell us not to eat. i'm not saying go for broke on the ice cream, but eating full fat cheeses, etc is fine. i, however, will be in the ice cream aisle...so i have something to go with those big buttery oatmeal raisin cookies i made yesterday...

    i know, this can't possibly help, but the push up challenge mentioned in liz hum's tardis blog does. and fresh air.

  2. Anonymous10:33 PM

    Don't worry, Brittany. You're doing fine. I know it's frustrating, especially the weight battle. I just recently went back on my diet and I'm downright cranky. Listen to your body and your soul. You'll get there.

  3. I think you and I may have the same dietary sensitivities. I gotta say, the only thing that ever works for me is staying low-carb. When I eat carbs, it's like taking a hunger pill. I think about food all the time. When I avoid carbs and focus on protein, veggies, and water, it's so much easier for me to avoid temptation and stay satisfied. I'm a pesci-vegetarian, so focusing on protein isn't always convenient, but I'm so much happier when I make it work.


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