Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My New Creative Pursuit

I love to take pictures of the boys, and have been giving some serious thought recently to taking some photography classes and possibly becoming a freelance children's photographer. I took these pictures of Sam on Sunday during a walk around my grandmother's retirement community. Obviously, I think any picture of Sam is wonderful, but if I hadn't taken these pictures, I would've paid money to the person who had. They're not half bad, if I do say so myself...


  1. Seriously, where is the camera you have in my house? I have recently gotten serious about photography, I have kind of web sites and books. I got a background stand for Christmas and bought a Canon XSI last year. Now I am saving up for some nice glass :).

  2. They're very nice pictures! You may have seen this on Facebook, but I'm taking a photography class right now. In addition to learning five new ways of ruining a good photo, I figured out people like me are the reason camera makers installed preset modes on cameras (auto, night, sports, portrait, etc.) I'll stick with point-and-shoot, thank you.

    So I'm taking up knitting. Want a fuzzy scarf?

  3. LOL 'm always up for a fuzzy scarf.

  4. very cute! you've got quite a model to work with!

  5. Heather, I'm jealous. At some point I'd like a really nice camera. Saw on facebook that you're into photoshop, too. Someday I'd like to play around with that as well.

  6. Hey Brit- If you want to email me your pics I would be happy to play with them in Photoshop.
    Google GIMP - it is the open source version of Photoshop and free. I have it on my desktop, and the paid version of photoshop on my laptop.


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