Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Home Improvement Update

We've made progress. Well, really I should say that Tom has made progress, since my contribution to the household to-dos is keeping the boys at bay. He's finished laying tile now, and has grouted everywhere but the kitchen and breakfast nook. The powder room has freshly tiled floor, new hardware, and a new light fixture. All that's left to do downstairs is some painting, putting up some new quarter round, the grouting, and the new carpet, which we're going to look at today.

Upstairs there's more painting to do... nearly every room. And Tom is also going to tile both bathrooms. The bathrooms are also getting new hardware and light fixtures. And we're re-carpeting upstairs as well.

Outside, we need to replace the columns and balcony on the front of the house, repaint the front door, and get some new shrubs planted. In the backyard, all we need to do is replace one window screen, a sliding glass door screen, and the screen door on the porch (One of the hazards of owning a dog. They can't knock to come in. They scratch.)

Then we're done.

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