Monday, February 23, 2009

A Day of Perfect Moments

Today has been one of those days that makes you want to sigh with bliss. Just beautifully perfect all the way around.

I dropped Sam off at preschool, and came home for three delicious hours of house-straitening. Maybe that's not everyone's idea of bliss, but lately I've felt so incumbered by stuff, it's a huge release to put the things cluttering up my life into a box and move it out of the house.

Before I left to pick Sam back up, Tom called from work to let me know he'd be in an all-day meeting. He wasn't coming home for lunch and might be late coming home. I knew Sam would be disappointed, so I decided to take him by McDonalds on the way home. But then, as we were coming out of the preschool building, I heard the train horn in the distance.

On a beautiful sunny day like today, with a whole unscheduled afternoon ahead of me, the sound of the train in the distance was like a harbinger of magic to come. It's that special Sam-and-mommy sound that announces an adventure, and we raced to the car in anticipation of it. Yes, we chased the train. The conductor even noticed us and waved and blew the horn, too. And yes, we went to McDonalds and got some much-coveted fries. But then I thought, why not go to the park? It was a sunny day, warm enough at 55 degrees. We pulled into the parking lot, only to realize we had the entire place to ourselves. Another rare treat.

While we sat eating lunch, Sam pointed out a pair of foraging squirrels. I told him they were eating lunch, too, and went in search of an acorn to show him. "That's a squirrel's lunch," I said, holding the seed between my fingers. We continued eating, enjoying the warm sun on our shoulders, when the squirrels drew closer, lured by the smell of fried potato. And closer and closer they came until one sat beneath our picnic table and stared up at his hopefully through the mesh tabletop. I tossed the squirrel a fry and Sam was delighted as he watched it grab it between his teeth and scamper over to a nearby tree to eat it. The squirrel returned again and again, as did his friend. Two adult squirrels--close enough to touch--sharing our picnic in the park. Moments like this almost never happen, but magic was in the air on this perfect of perfect days.


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