Thursday, January 15, 2009

Getting My You-Know-What Together

So I joined Weight Watchers. Again. For the fifth or sixth time. (But who's counting, right?) I want to lose 31 pounds and this time, I'm not stopping until I do. I'm also starting to work out again, chronic cough be damned. I tried to do my beloved Body Jam class yesterday and just don't quite have the stamina yet to do it. After the first cardio block my chest began to tickle, and I decided not to risk it. I still coughed all afternoon. Between the diminished lung capacity, and the toll hard, chronic coughing has taken on my body, it's just more than I can deal with right now. The goal is to feel better, not kill myself in the process. My new Weight Watchers DVD has a nice 20 minute cardio segment that is comfortable right now. And I also have a (surprisingly) effective Mom/Baby Yoga video that I've been doing as well using 16 pound John as my own personal weight set. Ugh.

And as motivated and in a groove as I sound, I'm frustrated that I've been so slow out of the starting gate. Usually in January, I'm ready to charge into the ring, guns blazing, but this year, more like Ferdinand, the Bull in one of my favorite children's books, this January I've spent a lot of time daydreaming and sniffing flowers. I suspect it willl give me the appearance of being thoughtful and meticulous, when really inside I'm a seething mass of impatience!

I'm also starting to get that nagging desire to write again. I have to keep reminding myself that I am on a writing vacation until February. Start too soon, and I'm afraid I'll get seriously burned out. Plus, John is starting to crawl laps around the house, and the next couple of weeks are devoted to getting my stuff ready to sell at the big spring consignment sales, organizing the house, and babyproofing everything.

Big job, not a lot of time. But so far, 2009 has been kind to me. Not at all like the soul/energy/health draining hell that was 2008. Maybe this is the year that I finally get it together...

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