Monday, January 12, 2009

Budgets for Dummies

I have tried every manner of record-keeping for the budget: ledgers, spreadsheets, lists, you name it. But I think I've finally (FINALLY!) hit upon a solution to needing to see where the money goes.

Every year, for the last three, I have bought a nice dry erase calendar for the refrigerator. On it, I put typical calendar-y stuff. But it ocurred to me that I look at it several times a day, and am alwas using it as an event-planning tool. Why not use it to track expenses, too? It is so simple, but basically foolproof. I write down expected expenses on the day they're due, and then after other purchases, write the total for the day. I'm a very visual person. Numbers don't "mean" anything to me. I have to see the days, see the reason behind the purchase, see what's coming around the financial bend. And this way, Tom sees where the money's going, too, and we can make financial decisions together.

Sometimes simple really is best.


  1. you are a better planner by far than i. we seem to always get hit with a 100 co-pays right when we get back on a manageable track.

  2. Yeah, last night we spotted a mole on our dog's leg. I so do not need a vet bill right now.


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