Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Year in Review

I know that technically, I could pull something off in the next two weeks, but now feels like a good stopping place.

1) Finish my book.

Done. Yeah!

2) Find an agent.

Not done.

3) Get organized in every aspect of my life.

Not done.

4) Figure out ways to save more money each month.

Not done.

5) Get to the gym 2x a week every week.


6) Start writing the other novel that has started knocking and asking to be let in.

Yeah, right.

Verdict: 2008. Too ambitious. Two children=new normal. New limitations have been placed on my time and energy.


  1. Hey, you are still one up on me and I only have one kid. And all your goals (minus the writing) apply, so don't feel bad.
    Plus I have the feeling that your recent trials and tribulations will make a great book someday. Here's hoping the projectile vomiting is over soon so you can enjoy some Christmas goodies to later burn off at the gym!

  2. just add the projectile v, etc to the doot story, one day, it'll be a great memoir...

  3. Anonymous9:36 PM

    Congratulations on finishing your novel! That is a true accomplishment in light of everything else you've endured this year. The other goals will soon follow.

  4. Book done is huge!!! Congratulations!


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