Tuesday, December 09, 2008

I Need to Fumigate My House

I took Sam to the pediatrician's office *again* today. He's been there on a weekly basis since the first week of November. This is just getting ridiculous. Today the poor baby had a sinus infection. Will this shit never end?

In March, I have to have another CT scan of my Thymus, and if it's still enlarged then it will have to be removed. I don't even want to contemplate surgery because it's located beneath the breastbone, near the heart. *shudder* And once I'm done nursing John (whenever that is... it could be another year for all I know) I have to go have a breast exam to see if that pesky lymph node is still hanging around. The OBGYN sad that it seemed perfectly harmless to him, considering that I'm breastfeeding and just had pnuemonia. Now I just live in fear of catching anything else this winter before I've fully recovered form whatever-it-was that I had.

And now Tom is complaining of a sinus headache.

Oh crap crap, crappy crap crap.


  1. oh no. well, is he able to go to bed an whine for your nursemaid skills? or is he trooping back out to the office, etc? mine is trooping back to the office, with tussues stuffed in his nose to keep it from running down his face while he drives....

  2. He's trooping back to the office. He's like that Monty Python skit where the siced-in-half knight says "It's only a flesh wound." The sinus headache has become a sore throat that won't respond to anything. I'm afraid it's strep. It's the only bacterial infection we haven't dealt with yet...


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