Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Get On the Train

Because of insatiable choo choo love on Sam's part, I have watched The Polar Express three times in the last 24 hours. In it, there is a scene where the magical train stops in front of the boy's house. The conductor invites him to come aboard, and the boy steps backward. At first he is understandably reluctant, but then, at the last minute, he decides to take the ride. And then the adventure begins.

Every time I see that scene, I wonder again if I would get on the train. Would I be plagued with indecision? Worry about where I was going? Who I was going with? And whether I could return?

Sometimes I think that I have lived my entire life partially paralyzed by doubt, wonderng whether it is worth risking what I have at any given moment to experience the unknown. The Polar Express reminds me again and again that the adventure can't start until you board the train.

So in that spirit, instead of resolutions, plans, or to-dos, here is a list of the trains I plan to board in 2009 and the journeys I want to take:

1) Getting my book published
2) Starting a second book
3) Commitment to good health and weight loss
4)Living with less
5) Embracing unexpected opportunities for fun with my family and friends


  1. my fav is your last item. that's the one i leave off too often. merry christmas, brittany and family!

  2. Anonymous9:17 PM

    Great post! I share your goals and resolutions for 2009.

    I think we all can benefit from stepping on the train to adventure from time to time. This year, I hope to do that more often.

    Good luck!


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