Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Loose Ends

When I took the Myers-Briggs, I was an ENTJ. That "J" means that I'm obsessed with closure and assume everyone else is too. :-P So here's a little update, just in case you were wondering how things have panned out recently.

1) John went to the orthodist and had his head measured. It's in the gray area between being normal and a problem, but the orthodist felt like he wouldn't need treatment considering how much time he spends on his stomach now. I'm *supposed to* continue monitoring his head growth, but I think I'm going to cancel his next head measuring appointment. Our insurance wouldn't pay the $2-3K for treatment, and if his head growth is on the border anyway, and only likely to get better, it's a waste of my time and his to keep going across town for measurements.

2) I have worked out every day this month so far. On days I don't go to the gym, I either do an exercise video or go for a walk. It's been a great experience so far. I'm learning to enjoy my workouts, and have tried some new classes that I ordinarily wouldn't have. I really like Les Mills BodyJam and BodyPump. My cardio fitness is already much improved. I don't feel like I'm going to have a heart attack when I exert myself anymore. Plus, I've lost 2 lbs and an inch in my chest, waist, and thighs, plus half an inch in my hips and arms. The Weight Watchers diet is working well for me. I keep a food diary and have stayed full and satisifed. I wish I could say the weight is just whooshing off me, but I hear slow and steady is the healthy way to go.

3) A lot of people have asked me where I'm at with my book and how my search for a publisher is going. First of all, I'm still making some slight corrections to the book as my critique group goes through it. We submit 30 pages of our work every two weeks, so they won't get to the end of the book until the beginning of November probably. I'm making changes as I get their critiques. As far as my search for a publisher... the vast majority of publishing houses no longer accept unsolicited manuscripts. You basically have to find an agent who's willing to represent you and your work and submit it to the publishing world for you. Agents are selective, so it's not like you look one up in the phone book and boom! have an agent. They only represent work they feel strongly about, so the process of finding the right agent could take a while. I'm hopeful that once I talk to agents and editors face to face at the conference, I will create some interest in the book. But right now, I'm sitting tight, polishing my book and making sure it's as good as it can be when I do start sending it out.


  1. We really need to keep in better touch... I'm an INTJ. Like you only I try to avoid people. ;) LOL

    Glad things seem to be going well for you overall. You inspire.

  2. i didn't realize so much time went by since i read your previous post! i took the meyers-briggs, and promptly threw out the majority of the results. i kept 'internally motivated'

    sounds like things are moving right along..don't you just love health ins?


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