Tuesday, July 29, 2008

This Year's List Revisited

1) Finish my book.

I finished writing the book. But it isn't "finished" yet. Hopefully before 2009.

2) Find an agent.

I sent it to an agent that I met at the SCWW conference last October. I haven't heard anything form her yet, and am not actively looking for an agent right now because I want the whole thing to be completely finished in case an agent does ask for the full manuscript.

3) Get organized in every aspect of my life.That means my office needs to be organized. Places need to be found for everything else in the house that tends to pile up. I also need to keep a better inventory of groceries on hand.

Well, things get organized, but they never stay that way. The grocery situation is under control, though. I have lost all hope that I was meant to be a domestic goddess. I have no aptitude at it. None. Zero.

4) Figure out ways to save more money each month.

This I have had a good bit of success with. Especially recently. What I do:

Clothes. I shop for clothes exclusively at consignment sales and store end of season clearance sales. When I find a rock bottom deal -.98 shorts at Target for the boys, for example, I buy them big for the next season or two. For example, Sam has a fantastic 3T fall wardrobe, barely needs a thing besides a coat and some shoes, because for the last 2 years, I've bought winter clothes at K-mart when they're marked down 75%. And when Sam outgrows something, I save it for the next season when John will be in it.

Coupons. I am obsessive about coupons now. I clip them all. I have one binder in the house for groceries, and I signed up for The Grocery Game (matches manufacturers coupons with store sales so you get more bang for your coupon buck) which saved me 30-40% on my last shopping trip. I also have a binder in the car for restaurant coupons and store coupons. This way I have them when and where I need them.

Food. Tom and I try to eat the same few things every week so it's easier to keep a grocery inventory. I may rotate 8-10 recipes over a two week period. Then we buy whatever is on sale and eat that for a bit of variety. Plus, we buy fruits and vegetables in season only and in the winter, we buy everything frozen to save money.

Dogs. They go to the local community college's grooming school for haircuts. It's $14 for the 2 of them instead of $80.

Beauty. I still go get my expensive haircuts, but Tom and Sam go to Great Clips and use coupons. I am going to start going to the local technical college for discounted spa treatments ($2 manicures, $5 eyebrow wax for example).

5) Get to the gym 2x a week every week.

I was on bedrest for a while before John was born and have only been cleared to go since yesterday. I did go yesterday and am planning to go tomorrow. There's a girl in my neighborhood that belongs to the gym and we plan to start going together regularly.

6) Start writing the other novel that has started knocking and asking to be let in.This one is going to be a love story set during World War One. It will explore the result of a family secret over four generations of women. A major theme will be the price people pay for being and not being themselves.

It's funny. I haven't thought about this book since last spring. This is not the one I'm about to start writing. It's good that I wrote the idea down though, because otherwise, I would have forgotten about it.


  1. Hey Brit- I love the grecery game! I just did triples at Harris Teeter last week- over 180$ for like $40.

    I was also reading old yearbooks yesterday (anne and I were trapped in my office- long story) and I was reading where you signed it talking about the book you were going to write one day. It is just so cool that you have.

  2. wow, great list! ambitious, but written down, you're doing it! i am slowly coming back from my long bedrest preg, too. 4 mos, and i'm slowly walking around neighborhood, beginning to feel like me, but don't yet have the bounce back in my step i've always had. see you back over at creativeconstruction.wordpress.com!


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