Tuesday, July 01, 2008

One Month Old

I can hardly believe it, but John's already a month old. That totally snuck up on me. The last four weeks have flown by, and yet, every day is the longest day ever. I don't understand how that works in the whole space time continuum, but it's an everyday reality when you become a parent.

The last four weeks have not been at all what I signed up for. John has refused to nurse from the moment my milk came in at the hospital. What should have been a time of post-cesarean recovery has instead been an almost constant parade of doctor's visits: Pediatrician, Lactation Consultant, ENT, and now Occupational Therapist. You heard that right, folks. Not even a month old and already in need of a good therapist...

Apparently, John hasn't got the slightest clue how to use his tongue to draw the breast into his mouth. The lactation consultants at the hospital are out of suggestions. They actually told me there was nothing more they knew to do with him. Perhaps I gave them too much credit, seeing them as modern day miracle workers, but this has really surprised me... and then again, not surprised me at all. Hasn't John already proven he's a champion problem-haver? And not just silly problems that result in easy answers and even easier fixes, but baffling problems that may or may not be problems, that require testing and, usually, no solutions. I refer, of course, to the gazillion non-reassuring/non-reactive NST tests from this pregnancy.

A friend of mine astutely commented that this may well be John's way of asserting himself--saying "I am nothing like my brother, in any way!" Yes well, that's great and all, but could he come up with a less expensive means of doing so? All these co-pays are not cheap! And mommy, and probably some Blue Cross/Blue Shield plan administrator, is about to rip all her hair out.

Which, incidentally, is going to get chopped off tomorrow anyway... It is time to take my place among the ranks of mom out there who have succumed to the "mom do".

Updates (on all counts) to follow...

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