Sunday, May 04, 2008

NST Update

On Friday, I was having more frequent contractions, but John's test was very reactive. Yeah! (I made sure I had some juice before the appointment just in case.) I didn't see my regular doctor and the doctor I did see actually took quite a bit of time to explain what was going on. Here, in no particular order, were her thoughts.

1) My fluid levels are basically going to cause me more discomfort without complications. They are high normal, and basically an inconvenience at this point.
2) The constant NST tests are pointless because 1) John is clearly NOT in distress, there's nothing to suggest he MIGHT be in distress, and after three ultrasounds, it's pretty clear he isn't GOING TO BE in distress. 2) By 34/35/36 weeks, babies can be born without it causing serious health problems, so there's no point monitoring my contractions because even if I went into labor, they wouldn't agressively try to stop it.
3) There is no telling when I'll go into labor. It could be any time now, or I could go to 41 weeks. My fundal height is not measuring ahead. I shouldn't worry about the contractions until they're both frequent and painful. If my water breaks, I should call the office and then go straight to the hospital.

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