Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A little update

First of all, the poem I submitted to the Creative Construction contest won the prize for this week. I'm quite happy with that, considering it's the first thing I've been able to write for months. Despite all the pregnancy haze, I can always find plenty of inspiration to write existential (?) poetry about this one particular failed relationship. I guess some good came out of it after all. I won a $10 gift certificate for my trouble. :-)

In a little over an hour, I have my weekly doctor's appointment and what must be my hundredth NST test by now. Hopefully John is having a good day, because if he isn't, and anyone suggests another ultrasound or CST test, I will go completely postal and will probably threaten someone with bodily harm. I'm 38+ weeks pregnant, I've been to the salon for a nice wax job, my bags are packed, and I've psyched myself up for the major abdominal surgery and recovery to come. If anyone thinks that I'm going to go be put artifically into labor again, to come home with no baby, and a freaked out vagal nerve, they have another thing coming.

Of course, John better be happy, because if, god forbid, they were to take him tonight, Tom would have to abandon me at the hospital. Tomorrow he has a really big, terribly important design review that he can't miss for any reason short of his own death. And I won't get on my GE soapbox, except to say that at the rate they're piling the work on, that may occur sooner than later...

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  1. Hope all went well at the doctors. I'm keeping up to date through the blog and will continue to do so. Best wishes and many prayers for the weeks to come!


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