Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sam's Burgeoning Vocabulary

Little man has begun speaking in two word sentences recently. It thrills this former English major to pieces. Granted, speaking two words isn't exactly the pinnacle of linguistic achievement, but oh how he manages to pack a world of meaning into those two words. For example: Doggie ball means "Mom, I would like to go outside and throw the ball for the dogs." Mommy chickie means "Mom, look, there's a chicken" or "Mom, I have brought you a chicken" or "Mom, I can't believe you just gave Daddy my un-eaten chicken nuggets. I was still working on them, if you don't mind." It has opened up a whole new world of conversation now that Sam is truly able to express himself.

Apparently, he's already started categorizing the words he knows as well. He's known the word "juice" almost from the get go. And he has been content with juice (or all beverages that come in a sippy cup) until recently. Over the last few months our little southern boy has developed a taste for iced tea. He only gets iced tea in restaurants (and then, only unsweetened with splenda--while Tom and I aren't going to win any awards for parents of the year, we do have our limits), and the occasional sip of Diet Coke. These drinks he calls "tea". So you can imagine my confusion when he discovered my secret stash of emergency juice boxes in the pantry, and asked for one--calling it "tea"--when it was, in actuality, juice. I was beginning to question his comprehension of the word, but then I realized that he wasn't naming the beverage inside, but the manner in which it was delivered. Beverages in sippy cups are "juice". Beverages that are sucked through a straw are "tea". Not bad for a 20 month old.

His passive understanding of English is also getting quite good. Twice yesterday I commented to him that he had a very wet diaper. Since I look and feel like a beached whale, I wasn't in a hurry to get up and go to his room for one. I was in the middle of washing, folding, and putting away the whole of John's summer wardrobe and figured I'd do it once I got to a stopping point. Sam disappears for a few minutes and returns with a clean diaper. At which point mom rejoiced. Now to teach him the phrase "breakfast in bed". :-P

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