Friday, March 14, 2008

What I'm Reading

After a couple of weeks of reading Sam's favorite books non-stop, I came to the conclusion that it was either read some grown up books or go postal.

The first book I finished this week is called Why Beautiful People Have More Daughters by Alan S. Miller and Satoshi Kanazawa. I love non-fiction books that try to explain evolutionary biology and this one was fantastic because it explained pop culture in these terms. For example, it explained, from an evolutionary standpoint, why men are attracted to blond bombshells, why having sons reduces the liklihood of divorce, why engineers produced more male offspring, and why males are the most common offspring among the wealthy. Really fascinating reading.

From that I moved on to an Australian author named Kim Wilkins and her novel Rosa and the Veil of Gold. When I tell you that for almost a week straight I stayed up well past midnight sqeezing out "one last chapter" and was up past one a.m. this morning finishing it, you'll know that it was a great read. It takes place in Russia where an enchanted golden bear is found bricked into an abandoned bath house's wall. On the way to take the bear to be authenticated, it transports two characters into a magical world populated by the stuff of (extremely violent and scary) Russian folk tales. And I thought the Grimm brothers were bad. Their stories are to Russian folklore what the Teletubbies are to Scarface. Again, another excellent book.

Sam would like me to tell you that I also read Australian Animals 1-2-3 five hundred and seventy-three times, Snuggle Puppy six hundred seventy-seven times, Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed eight hundred and eleven times, and looked for the doggie with the ball one thousand, four hundred and twenty-two times in Little People's Trains, Planes, and Cars.

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  1. I had a book of Russian folk tales when I was little. (My mother is of Russian descent.) That probably explains my fascination with the sick and twisted. Thanks, Mom.


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