Monday, March 24, 2008

Sam's First Easter Basket

Last year, Sam was only 9 months old for Easter, so Tom and I decided we were off the hook for an Easter basket. We bought Sam some plastic eggs and he was perfectly happy with that. This year, I decided it was time for the Easter Bunny to actually pay Sam a visit.

When Sam woke up Sunday morning, his basket was waiting for him on the coffee table. He seemed to know it was for him.

The Easter Bunny brought Sam a stuffed lamb, three matchbox cars, a lift the flap barnyard book, some fuzzy chickens (like Mom always had in her Easter basket that could only be purchased at a specialty shop), and several plastic eggs filled with M&Ms.

Sam had no problem opening his eggs and made short work of the M&Ms.

His cars were by far his favorite part of the basket.

Eventually, he got around to looking at the rest of his haul.

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