Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Only Thing We Accomplished Yesterday

Our weekends around here are like those stupid logic puzzles you can buy that some people actually find amusing. We're constantly moving the pieces of our house around so that new pieces can fit. Yesterday we really buckled down and tried to make a dent in the mess around here. Tom spent the entire morning grouting the dining room. He only has one more weekend of grouting to do and then all the tiling he has done so far will be finished. After lunch, he came upstairs and hung pictures that were lying around in my way. He disassembled Sam's nursery furniture and reassembled it in his new room. He hung his Boon bathroom frog in the guest bathroom. He carried three loads of stuff into the attic. We ran to the store for more storage containers. We basically worked our butts off. You saw what the rest of the house looks like. Here's what we finished:

Sam is in his new bedroom now. It's clean and organized. All his toys have a place. All his clothes are hung or folded. We took his new chair and desk out of the box and set it up.

And this is what I still have left to deal with in his old room... I have a busy, busy day ahead of me.

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