Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Sam's had a cold for about two weeks, but before you think 'poor thing', there's been an unexpected benefit. Mr. I-Take-One-Abbreviated-Nap-A-Day has started taking two extended naps a day. I've been a novel writing fool lately. So far I'm really pleased with all that I'm getting accomplished. I'm up to chapter 35--but actually have the next two chapters written, and detailed notes that go to the end of the book. I hope that means that before too long, I'm able to report that finally the book is finished.

Of course, it won't be finished finished. After I "finish" the book, I'll go back and polish it. There are a few details I want to go back and add, and more descriptions to flesh out. My critiquers all feel that the story lacks exposition. But surely that won't take as long as writing 40 some odd chapters has.

I'm setting myself another deadline for the new year. My novel must be finished and polished by Easter. No excuses.

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