Sunday, December 23, 2007

This Year's List

1) Finish my book.

The most maddening thing about writing is the understanding that there will always be little tweaks you can make that would make your story better. The key is learning when you've tweaked enough. That is going to be a major part of my novel-writing learning process this year.

2) Find an agent.

3) Get organized in every aspect of my life.

That means my office needs to be organized. Places need to be found for everything else in the house that tends to pile up. I also need to keep a better inventory of groceries on hand.

4) Figure out ways to save more money each month.

5) Get to the gym 2x a week every week.

6) Start writing the other novel that has started knocking and asking to be let in.

This one is going to be a love story set during World War One. It will explore the result of a family secret over four generations of women. A major theme will be the price people pay for being and not being themselves.

I'm keeping the list very short this year. Wth a new baby in June, and a long list on un-accomplished to-dos in 2007, I figure that over-reaching this year would be futile.

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