Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I'm Terrible

I haven't written a thing on here about Sam's 1st birthday party. I'm certainly not a candidate for mother of the year... *sigh*

Between planning his party and running around getting things for his party and running after Sam, I just didn't have the time. And then I looked at the calendar and almost had a heart attack because the deadline to get my first 30 pages submitted for my conference critique was only two weeks away. So, for the last week, I've been burning up the keyboards trying to crank that out.

It went in the mail this morning...

...The rest of the day was devoted mostly to getting a play I wrote in 2004 ready for submission to a playwriting contest sponsored by the conference I'm attending. If I don't win that, at least it's ready to be submitted again...

Which brings me to my to-do list....

1) Finish my book.
I'm getting closer. Not there yet, though.
2) Maintain my weight loss (about 60 lbs in total since August 12th)
I hauled my butt back to Weight Watchers. I've lost a few more pounds in addition to what I lost the last time I was there.
3) Go to the gym at least 3x a week.
Sam's decided my gym time corresponds with nap time. No fair.
4) Improve my cardiovascular fitness
He's gaining weight all the time and I keep lugging him up and down stairs... I've got great biceps now.
5) Keep Sam's baby book updated.
6) Become really adept at managing our household expenses.
I think we've embraced the chaos theory around here.
7) Finish decorating downstairs. (Select fabric for curtains and pillows and make them, continue my collection of westie and scottie doorstops, paint the powder room, get all my prints framed and hung...)
No change since last time. We have more floor tiled though.
8) Reorganize and rebuild my office so that it's no longer a dumping ground for household odds and ends.
Getting better,
9) Create workable organizational systems in the house.
Getting better.
10) Write well in my children's lit class this spring.
11) Write a few short stories to submit to contests.
The year is still young... er... middle aged... I STILL HAVE TIME PEOPLE!!!
12) Submit my play "A Day In the Life" to some contests.
It's ready to go in the mail.
13) Keep Sam happy and healthy.
He's still my little smiley boy.
14) Become more involved with my friends and the groups I belong to.
I have fits and starts... Right now I'm socializing like crazy, but in a few weeks, it will have petered out again.

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