Tuesday, June 19, 2007

How does your garden grow?

I've wanted to plant a garden for years. When we lived in Ohio, the town we lived in was smack in the middle of what had once been a river bed, and was very rocky. When we moved back to Greenville, SC, we had to contend with a deep layer of red clay. I don't give up easily, so I started looking into growing a container garden. As you can see, it's been pretty successful.

From left to right: cantaloupe, tomatoes and herbs, squash, cucumber

My cantaloupe looks suspiciously like a watermelon...

The tomatoes are getting ripe.

I picked two squash this morning. This one needs a little more time.

And what would a container garden be without a little drama? This is my lonely cucumber. Apparently, he didn't want to live all alone in his big cucmber pot, so he grew himself right next to a squash in the squash pot. Now he's happy and doubling his size every night. Go figure...

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