Friday, May 18, 2007

And now it's May...

Clearly I am having issues or I would be writing a lot more than I am.

Here are my current issues:

1) Sam learned how to feed himself. This combined with his new ability to crawl and stand up allows him to retrieve small pieces of paper, carpet fluff, staples, rocks from the fireplace, paper clips, dead bugs, clumps of animal fur, and remnants of plastic Easter grass and shove them in his mouth (sometimes all at once). When nothing looks particularly tasty on the floor, he now stands up and clears off any surfaces nearby (ie. the coffee table...) or moves on to greener pastures. I've gone spelunking in his mouth for so many treasures that he's figured out how to hide his ill-gotten booty in his cheeks or on the roof of his mouth. It's driving me to distraction. If he survives long enough to see his first birthday, I will consider my life's work accomplished.

2) Our vaccuum has suddenly not only lost suction, but spits dust bunnies at me in protest. This is not helping issue #1 at all.

3) Because of #1 and #2, my house looks like hell.

4) I am powerless really to do anything about #1-3 because when I am not coping with #1... wait a minute... I'm NEVER not coping with #1...

5) Because Sam refuses to take a nap. He has one tiny 2 milisecond window that if I hit, and if I nurse him in exactly the right position, with the right lullabye playing, with the right rythm of the rocker, and very very carefully lay him down in the perfect position in his crib, assuming the stars are correctly aligned, he might fall asleep without a struggle. Otherwise, I have to nurse, rock, lay down, nurse, rock, lay down, walk out, close the door, listen to screaming for 20 minutes, nurse, rock, lay down, repeat screaming, nurse, rock, lay down... Then go take a nap myself because the whole nap process ends up taking an hour and a half... At which point, I'm really too tired to do anything else...

And this is in addition to the fact that my mom just got married and is moving to Idaho, my grandmother has cancer, my husband's a workaholic, and my life is usually a three ring circus anyway...

But on the up side, I have made a little progress on my yearly to-do list!

1) Finish my book.

HA! Like you were really expecting that.

2) Maintain my weight loss (about 60 lbs in total since August 12th)

So far so good.

3) Go to the gym at least 3x a week

Who was a kidding? I don't need to leave the house. I get a great workout baby wrestling.

4) Improve my cardiovascular fitness.

See #3. I think that counts.

5) Keep Sam's baby book updated.


6) Become really adept at managing our household expenses.

Getting better. Last week's project: Went through every single grocery receipt from the last year, created a spreadsheet listing each item purchased and the various costs at different stores. Now that I know what the lowest prices are, I have a better idea of where to shop, what to buy, and when to buy it. Hopefully I will not go $500 over budget for the 5th straight month in a row....

7) Finish decorating downstairs. (Select fabric for curtains and pillows and make them, continue my collection of westie and scottie doorstops, paint the powder room, get all my prints framed and hung...)

One curtain is made and is folded nicely underneath a coffee table and is waiting to be hung. Pillows, done. I've added two new doorstops to my collection. Powder room still needs to be painted. Paintings, done.

8) Reorganize and rebuild my office so that it's no longer a dumping ground for household odds and ends.

DONE! Whoohoo! For Mother's Day, Tom painted the office a nice mango color (I'm totally obsessed with all things mango - be it the color or the food) and bought me all new office furniture and wireless internet so I could move my computer. Yeah! I'm still not totally moved in, but will be by Sunday.

9) Create workable organizational systems in the house.

Still working on that one.

10) Write well in my children's lit class this spring.

My class was cancelled due to low enrollment! Can you believe it? What a bummer! Yesterday I came up with a great children's book idea though. It involves, what else? A kid who won't nap. (Hey, they say write what you know...)

11) Write a few short stories to submit to contests.

What was I smoking when I wrote this list?

12) Submit my play "A Day In the Life" to some contests.

It must have been some really good stuff...

13) Keep Sam happy and healthy.

So far so good. He made it through the winter/spring without any trips to the doctor. And he seems happy enough. And so far I haven't let him eat a rock...

14) Become more involved with my friends and the groups I belong to.

Success! Two new friends with babies Sam's age. This spring is turning into babypalooza around here. Those of us who have babies nearing a year old have suddenly gone out en mass looking to socialize. Let the play dates begin!

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