Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Resolutions Revisited

Well, seeing as it's April already, I thought I would keep you updated on this year's to-do list so you can see how I'm doing....

1) Finish my book.

I've written a couple of sentences and fixed a grammatical error or two and changed a few names. My level of apparent commitment to this book is embarrassing. Plus, I have an idea for another book I'd rather write and find myself thinking about it more and more....

2) Maintain my weight loss (about 60 lbs in total since August 12th)

So far so good. I'm still at 147, which is 10 lbs less than my pre-pregnancy weight. The least I've weighed in 10 years. But still 10 lbs more than I probably should weigh.

3) Go to the gym at least 3x a week.

Ha! I'm lucky if I go bi-weekly these days. Sam's decided that he's going to time his morning nap so it effectively wipes out any chance I might have of attending any class after 8am. I'm going to have to start going in the evenings if this keeps up.

4) Improve my cardiovascular fitness.

Have done NOTHING in this area.

5) Keep Sam's baby book updated.

I'm not doing a bad job. I haven't updated it regarding his new teeth yet because I'm not sure if you're supposed to write down when the tooth first breaks through the gum or when it's all the way in. But other than that, it's all complete. I haven't written as many anecdotes as I'd like in the back though. And I really should do that.

6) Become really adept at managing our household expenses.

So far I've failed dismally. I was so sure we were in the black this month and somehow we spent $600 I didn't account for.

7) Finish decorating downstairs.

(Select fabric for curtains and pillows and make them - HALF DONE - Mom's still making the curtains, but the pillows are finished.

continue my collection of westie and scottie doorstops, - NOT DONE

paint the powder room, - NOT DONE

get all my prints framed and hung...- DONE)

8) Reorganize and rebuild my office so that it's no longer a dumping ground for household odds and ends.

This is being worked on. I decided to move my office to the front of the house - into the biggest bedroom - because it's loud in the mornings with the kids standing at the bustop and traffic and I'd like my children to sleep in the mornings. I've picked out a paint color - a nice pinky orange color. I know I want floor to ceiling shelves and a sewing area. I just don't know exactly how I want my desk to be or how I want the room configured.

9) Create workable organizational systems in the house.

The systems were created although I'm not sure they're really workable. My brain seems to be in a fog 3/4 of the time so I forget to use them.

10) Write well in my children's lit class this spring.

The class was cancelled due to low enrollment.

11) Write a few short stories to submit to contests.

Okay, I was dellusional by this point on the to-do list. If I can't consistantly get my keys in the proper basket that is positioned mere inches from the door, this is clearly beyond my capabilities.

12) Submit my play "A Day In the Life" to some contests.

Again. I was insane when I wrote this.

13) Keep Sam happy and healthy.

This is what 99.9% of my day entails. All eleven working brain cells are devoted to this purpose and it seems to be working. Sam is happy (except when I laugh hysterically and then he bursts into terrified tears) and aside from one nasty cold this winter, has been the picture of health too. I've managed to breastfeed him now for almost 8 months - My goal when I started was 9 because I didn't think I'd like it. But it works fine for us, so I feel no need to stop. It's nice to know that he's receiving the best nutrition possible. It's a time commitment, but in my opinion, it's a small price to pay for the benefit he receives from it. I know it keeps him healthy (and happy). At least I've been successful at something.

14) Become more involved with my friends and the groups I belong to.

I think my name should be spelled R-E-C-L-U-S-E. My friend Sue moved to Charlotte and Dora is moving to Germany. Beverly's also in Charlotte. It seems any time I make a friend, they (or I) move. I'm quite happy hanging out with Sam at home, so in this too I have fallen short.

I don't seem to have accomplished much at all. So what have I been doing instead?

1) Helped plan a baby shower for Beverly. Made cookie bouquets and wrote a short story about her in Babyland for the shower.

2) Gave mom a bridal shower.

3)Planned a 5 day family cruise. (Tom, Sam, and I are leaving on the 21st for five days. We'll go to Nassau and Key West.)

4) Helped Tom pick out ceramic tile for our entire first floor. It's a nice beige color. We're going to put it down in a pinwheel pattern and Tom's going to install it himself.

5) Went to a writer's workshop at the local library.

6) Hit all the local consignment sales for spring/summer clothes for Sam.

Hopefully as the year continues, I'll make a little more progress on my to-do list.

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