Thursday, January 04, 2007


I'm really not into resolutions. They're kind of a silly New Years tradition - thinking that you can will yourself to change over the course of a year. I think it sets people up for failure. But once upon a time, when I basically wrote a diary a year, at the beginning of each new diary, I would post a list of things I'd like to accomplish during the span of time that I would be documenting. I never manage to do it all, but it's nice to take stock later and see what I was actually able to accomplish in approximately 365 days.

So here's this year's list in no particular order...

1) Finish my book.
2) Maintain my weight loss (about 60 lbs in total since August 12th)
3) Go to the gym at least 3x a week.
4) Improve my cardiovascular fitness.
5) Keep Sam's baby book updated.
6) Become really adept at managing our household expenses.
7) Finish decorating downstairs. (Select fabric for curtains and pillows and make them, continue my collection of westie and scottie doorstops, paint the powder room, get all my prints framed and hung...)
8) Reorganize and rebuild my office so that it's no longer a dumping ground for household odds and ends.
9) Create workable organizational systems in the house.
10) Write well in my children's lit class this spring.
11) Write a few short stories to submit to contests.
12) Submit my play "A Day In the Life" to some contests.
13) Keep Sam happy and healthy.
14) Become more involved with my friends and the groups I belong to.

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